Instrumental Tuition at School

Learning to play an instrument at school is an accessible and affordable way of starting out. Unlike private tuition, there is no travelling involved and pupils can develop together in a supportive group environment.

Bristol Plays Music tutors are experienced and highly qualified music educators who teach in many schools across Bristol. Our tutors specialise in delivering dynamic and effective sessions in a range of instruments and vocal styles.

Our tutors use the most current training methods and materials to inspire and engage young musicians. Tutors can also help students to take their learning to the next level with music exam support, out of school ensemble sessions and providing access to opportunities for gifted pupils.

BPM tutors are flexible and are able to accommodate a range of group sizes and learning requests. Typically, lessons take place once a week with groups of 3 or 4 pupils for around 30 minutes. Lessons can take place during the school day, lunch times or after school. Most schools choose to pass on tuition costs to parents.

If you would like to book please complete the following forms:

Fast4Music Guidelines Booking Form 2016/17

Music Tuition Booking Form 2016/17

Summary of Instrumental Offer to Schools 2016/17

If you have any queries, please contact: | 0117 204 7139

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