Creative Music Technology

Winner of the Paritor Award for Creative Music Technology,
Music Education Awards 2015

At Bristol Plays Music we pride ourselves on offering cutting edge creative music technology for both schools and individuals, below you will find information on the projects we offer:

Beat Lab

Beat Lab is our programme of cutting-edge music technology education for schools. Beat Lab gives students access to pro studio technology via hardware, graphical and touch interfaces; providing instant, intuitive access to composition, sound design and improvisation.

Conductive Music sponsored by Renishaw

Developed and delivered by London-based organisation Conductive Music, sponsored by Renishaw, and delivered to Bristol schools by BPM, Conductive Music is a groundbreaking primary and secondary education programme that combines music, engineering, electronics and coding. Conductive Music teaches students to design, build, programme and play unique electronic instruments using open-source software and Arduino-powered circuit boards. A unique, cutting-edge education programme, enriching the Music, Science and Design & Technology curricula.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of our projects please contact: |
0117 204 7140

Creative Music Technology