Instrumental Exams

If you are working hard to make progress with your music you need some way of recognising your success and reassurance that you are on the right road. This is exactly what music exams offer!

Why take an instrumental exam?

·         It gives you a focus, somewhere to reach.

·         It helps you improve and feel good when you pass an exam.

·         Grade 8 level can help get UCAS points for university entry.

Our aim is to make the exam experience as rewarding as it can be and we place the candidate at the centre of that process. It takes a lot of energy to get one person into an exam, anything up to six different people can be involved: the candidate, teacher, accompanist, examiner, co-ordinator and parents and requires some understanding and patience.  We will try to accommodate potential clashes with other commitments and when considering whether to enter for ABRSM or Trinity you will at least know the week of the exam.

At BPM Southmead you are able to take music exams from 3 different exam boards, click on the links below to find out more about each board

Board  Dates of exams
London College of Music* w/c 26th November 2018
ABRSM w/c 10th December 2018
Trinity College w/c 3rd December 2018

*BPM is proud to be the official regional centre for the London College of Music

How to Enter 

To enter for a London College of Music exam click on the link above and follow the instructions.

To enter for ABRSM or Trinity please contact us

Further Info

For ABRSM and Trinity exams we employ an in-house accompanist, this cuts the cost to the candidate and there are dates beforehand to have a rehearsal with the accompanist.  It is also possible to use one of our pianos before the day to become familiar with it and we are always happy to let people have a look around our centre beforehand (call to check first).  On the day of the exam there will be a rehearsal room, for a brief warm up and we also offer free parking!

We hold three sessions a year, Autumn, Spring and Summer.  As a rough guide, they will be in the three weeks before the end of each double term but this can sometimes vary.

For more information please contact us on or call us on 0117 204 7140