Instrumental Tuition in School

Instrumental music lessons in school provides an accessible and affordable way for children and young people to learn to play an instrument.

Bristol Plays Music tutors are experienced and highly qualified music educators who teach in schools across Bristol. Many are professional musicians who regularly perform in bands, orchestras and ensembles.

Our tutors specialise in delivering dynamic and effective sessions across a range of instruments and vocal styles and use the most current training methods and materials to inspire and engage young musicians. Tutors can also help students to take their learning to the next level with music exam support, out of school ensemble sessions and provide access to opportunities for gifted pupils.

BPM works with schools and tutors to accommodate a range of learning requests. Typically, lessons take place once a week during the school day with either shared 30 minute lessons (2 pupils sharing) or individual 30 minutes lessons.

If your child attends Bristol Free School, Cotham School or Redland Green School and you would like to register them for instrumental music lessons at school please click on the enrolment link below. If you are enroling your child and they require an instrument for their lesson, please see our instrument hire page here.

Enrol for music lessons at Bristol Free School, Cotham School and Redland Green School

Terms and Conditions for Ensembles and Instrumental Lessons

Individual 30 minute lessons £192.50 (for 11 lessons, payable in advance per double term)
Shared 30 minute lessons
(2 pupils sharing)
£96.25 (for 11 lessons, payable in advance per double term)
Individual 30 minute lessons for ‘endangered species’,
eg. French Horn, Double Bass, Oboe or Bassoon
£104.50 (for 11 lessons, payable in advance per double term)

We also offer music lessons at our Music Centre West in Southmead, find out more here

If you are a School and would like to book instrumental tuition please complete the following forms:

Fast4Music Catalogue

Whole Class and Ensemble Booking Form

Fast4 Music Booking Form

WCET Terms and Conditions

If you have any queries, please contact: | 0117 204 7139

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