Go Figaro! Opera Project

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An exciting project based on Rossini’s ‘The Barber of Seville’ kicks off on the 23rd May, between Iford Arts, Bristol Plays Music and Opera Sonic.

Following on from the successful 2016 MacQuest project based on Verdi’s Macbeth, this years project will see over 90, year 5 children from three urban primary schools in Bristol, Bath and Trowbridge come together in a visit to Iford Manor for an ‘adventure day’ during their summer production of The Barber of Seville on 23rd June.

Go Figaro! aims to encourage creative thinking by stimulating the children to create their own mini ‘operas’, or pieces of music theatre.

The project starts off with a performance to all the children of Figaro’s wonderful opening aria in Barber. As Figaro’s ‘apprentice hairdressers’ they will consider gossip, secrets and other sensational aspects of life as revealed in Figaro’s, ‘Snip and Snoop Salon’ with a specially composed Hairdressing Song as a chorus.

Led by a team of experienced animateurs from Opera Sonic, each school over 3 days will create their own mini-scenes by being given a different secret or piece of gossip and an artefact to base their work on, meaning that no-one will have the full story until the schools join together on the final day at Iford.

Children will get to understand how all the elements of creating opera come together.  They will look at develop skills in creating text, narrative and a character, working together to create an exciting plot and libretto, then setting the words to music exploring how music can add humour, emotion, meaning and impact of the text.

They will then perform to each other at Iford, before watching in the cloister selected scenes from ‘The Barber of Seville’.