Inclusive Practitioner CPD for 2017/18

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Bristol Plays Music is pleased to offer South West based tutors and music leaders the opportunity to take part in FREE* CPD to develop and raise the quality of musical activities for all children and young people.  This six day intensive course which takes place 1 day a month at 10 – 4pm from October to March and is designed to give music practitioners:

  • A thorough understanding of inclusive music practice so they have an understanding of the reasons behind the work and why it is especially suited to those working in community music or non-formal music education contexts.
  • Practical ways of developing and deepening engagement.
  • An understanding of reflective practice and why it is an important tool in inclusion and to enable them to deepen their commitment to this way of working.
  • An opportunity to focus on issues of progression in a broad sense and encourage musicians to identify potential musical pathways of their participants.
  • Strategies to manage behaviour effectively within groups.
  • An understanding of different styles of leadership.
Monday 2 October ‘17 Introduction to Inclusive Practice
Monday 6 November ‘17 Effective Engagement
Monday 11 December ‘17 Leadership and Group Work
Monday 15 January ‘18 Behaviour Management
Monday 5 February ‘18 Reflective Practice
Monday 5 March ‘18 Progression

For further information and booking see the full details here

*This course is fully funded by Youth Music through A New Ambition for Inclusive Excellence managed by Bristol Plays Music.