Springboard Live Round Up

On 14th February Springboard Live brought their first ever tour to The Lantern. The Arts Council England-funded project provided a platform for exceptional emerging acts in the UK and recruited a national network of 18-25 year olds to produce the project’s first headline tour. Bristol Plays Music caught up with two of the Bristol production team members, Maya and Shaun, to discuss how it all went.

What did you have to do in the build-up to the project? 

Maya: As the Regional Producer for Bristol I was responsible for motivating our group of young creatives. I helped in steering decision-making and using everyone’s different skills to create a really unique event.

Shaun: We had to think about all aspects of production. It was really exciting to be involved in new areas I hadn’t previously worked in such as artists liaison, sorting out the room interiors and event scheduling.

What challenges did you face on the day? 

Shaun: I’m pretty clumsy so building the lanterns we decorated the room with was my biggest challenge! Aside from that, I think our pre-planning really paid off. The night went smoothly and it was a great success…even with me and Maya on the mic presenting!

Maya: Haha! Yeah that was the biggest challenge for me. Standing up and talking about the project to a packed crowd at The Lantern was pretty nerve-wracking. The only other challenge I can think of was the artist sound check slightly running over, but this isn’t something new in the world of live music!

What was your highlight of the night? 

Maya: Definitely seeing the smiles on all of the production team’s faces when we pulled off the event after working on it for 8 weeks. We got such a great response from everyone who came and they were so impressed with the artists we were showcasing.

Shaun: Watching 4th Project headline! After working closely with them in the build up to the event, knowing how excited they were about the show and then watching them own The Lantern in their first ever headline show…it was an amazing feel to be a part of that.

What is next for you? 

Maya: I recently got involved in the Change Creators program run by Knowle West Media Centre. The programme promotes social change through music so it’s another project I’m really excited to be involved in. Apart from that, I’m also waiting for the festival season to come back around and in that time I’m hoping to keep growing my experience and portfolio within the music industry.

Shaun: The project’s definitely inspired me to get involved in more music projects around Bristol. I have a Marketing background, but this has been the first time I’ve been able to apply this experience to a music-based project. I’ve always been a huge music fan, so now I’m keeping my eyes and ears open for more opportunities within the music industry.

The team invited local young creative Jasmine Thompson who produced live sketches of the night.  Check them out below, we love them!

springboard springboard1 springboard2 springboard3
springboard12 springboard7 springboard10 springboard11