Young Companies in Residence: Bursary Awards

We are pleased to announce the Young Companies in Residence Bursary Awards for members of the Bristol Youth Orchestra and Bristol Youth Choir. These bursaries will allow BPM to cover the music centre fees for successful applicants for terms 3-6 of the current academic year. They have been made possible through the generosity of various sources:

  • The Quartet Community Foundation
  • The Nisbet Family Charitable Trust
  • A private individual (anonymous)

Any member of the BYO and BYC is eligible to apply. Our criteria in shortlisting and awarding these bursaries will be:

  • Students who are strong ambassadors for Bristol Plays Music
  • Students who have demonstrated excellent progress and potential within their ensemble and BPM
  • Students whose family may be experiencing financial hardship

If any successful applicant is a member of both the BYC and the BYO the bursary will cover £54 towards the cost of the passport.

Bursary Application Form

Please return completed applications, along with a recent photo, to:

Bristol Plays Music
Stanton Road
Bristol, BS10 5SJ

Or e-mail:

For further information call: 0117 204 7140

Applications for 2017 are now closed and will reopen in June 2018 for more information contact Lucy Rogers.