Minute of Listening Weekly Challenge

Bristol Plays Music has teamed up with the online resource Minute of Listening to bring you 60 minutes of Bristol sounds for free during the coronavirus outbreak.

What is minute of listening?

Minute of Listening is an exciting and innovative project created by Sound and Music that provides primary-aged children with the opportunity to experience sixty seconds of creative listening each day of the school year.

Bristol Plays Music has delivered this pioneering resource free to all Bristol primary schools for the past few years, enabling pupils to experience a range of music and sounds every day of the school term. The aim of this tool is to develop vital skills in listening and creative enquiry to help nurture each pupil’s learning potential.

The Weekly Challenge

We’ve made 60 minutes of Bristol sounds from Minute of Listening available for free during lockdown. There are sounds from all over Bristol – some you might recognise and others, like inside the Cameron Balloons factory, you can hear for the first time.

Below you will find links to various musical tasks to accompany these Bristol sounds.

Each activity is fun, adaptable, suitable for most children and has flexible levels of difficulty. KS1 children will need some support; KS2 children might want to try these with less help.

How do I take part in the challenge?

Instructions for creating a free account is on each worksheet. You will need to:

  • Visit www.minuteoflistening.org
  • Sign up for a FREE account
  • Find the Bristol collection
  • Listen to the sound as directed in the worksheet

If your school has a platform for sharing work you are doing at home, perhaps you could send it in.  Remember to say who you are and which musical challenge you completed if you do.


Download Minute of Listening – Challenge 1

Download Minute of Listening – Challenge 2

Download Minute of Listening – Challenge 3

Download Minute of Listening – Challenge 4

Download Minute of Listening – Challenge 5

Download Minute of Listening – Challenge 6

These musical challenges have been written by Mr Croughan, Music Teacher at Ashley Down Schools Federation