One Bristol Curriculum

Bristol Music Trust are pleased to be co-ordinating the steering group created to develop a new local curriculum representing Bristol’s Black History and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Over the years Bristol has seen many contributors putting forward excellent publications and resources telling this story, but there has not been a cohesive effort to be able to bring this together until now.

Stemming from the Runnymede ‘Bristol: a city divided?’ report a new city-wide collective impact movement has risen with two key groups at the helm, the City Conversation and One Bristol. These two groups, made up of businesses, arts organisations and individuals representing citywide community groups, civic leaders and schools, explored the problems highlighted by the report in different ways but came to similar conclusions.

One of these was that Bristol’s Black History and the Transatlantic Slave Trade should be taught in Bristol’s schools in a consistent and comprehensive way.

The steering group formed has a clear mission at its heart, to deliver a One Bristol Curriculum pilot programme in schools citywide, starting in Spring 2019 with representation from across Bristol from teachers, academics, local historians, community groups and the arts.