Music Exams – ABRSM


ABRSM believe in the importance of all-round musicianship which forms the basis of their exams.

Bristol Plays Music has hosted ABRSM exams for over 5 years at our Music Centre West in Southmead.

Once your child’s tutor has decided they are ready to enter for an exam, you can download the application letter below.  Make sure to speak to your child’s tutor when filling in the forms.

For ABRSM we employ an in-house accompanist.  This cuts the cost to the candidate and we will put you in contact with the accompanist to arrange a rehearsal.  It is also possible to use one of our pianos before the day to become familiar with it and we are always happy to let people have a look around our centre beforehand (call to check first).

On the day of the exam there will be a rehearsal room, for a brief warm up and we also offer free parking!

Click here for more information on music exams

Download the ABRSM exam letter here