Bristol Youth Choir – Juniors and Intermediates – CANCELLED


4.30pm - 6pm
Intermediates finish at 6.30pm






£45 per double term

This group has unfortunately been cancelled due to ongoing impact of coronavirus outbreak.

Bristol Plays Music’s flagship Choral Centre takes place at Cotham Secondary School on Friday evenings and is the home to the Bristol Youth Choir. Led by two exceptional choral leaders David Ogden and Martin Le Poidevin, the choir develops singers from the age of 7.

The Junior Choir covers a mixed repertoire and aims to nurture a love of singing.  Lessons build singing confidence with singing games and cover essential skills like reading music.

In order to give children as much attention as possible, this group is divided up into Starters (Yrs 3-4), Junior Girls and Junior Boys.*

Children in Years 6-7 are known as the Intermediates and have an extra session from 6.00-6.30 to prepare them for the Senior choir.

The choir sings a minimum of 3 concerts a year for Bristol Plays Music, which take place towards the end of each term. In addition the choir is booked to perform in other concerts such as performing at the Royal Albert Hall for the BBC Proms and fundraising events.

Find out more about the Bristol Youth Choir here

* Boys normally enter the Seniors when they have reached year 8 although in some cases this could be earlier.

Auditions to join the Bristol Youth Choir are now open, see here for more information. 

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